Always dreamed of owning your own boutique?

Shop My Boutique is a direct sales clothing boutique where women like you can earn commissions just by sharing clothes you love. There’s no buy-in required, investments in inventory, or mandatory sales goals to stay in. This is your business on your time and your terms.

We are built for women like you who’ve always dreamed of owning their own store or who just love fashion. 

Shop. Share. Earn.


We’ll provide you with product photos, sales & marketing tips, and so much more within our Sales Reps Only Group on Facebook. All you have to do is share our photos with your friends and family on social media and prompt them to use your custom discount code to receive 10% off and free shipping! That’s how we track your commissions.

You get a percentage of each sale

You’ll earn a 15% commission on any purchase on the site that uses your discount code at checkout.

Heres the Best Part?

There’s no risk for you. We handle the returns, customer service, shipping, buying inventory, maintaining the website, storing the inventory in our warehouse, and packing orders. All you have to do is share your discount code and dedicate a few hours every week to selling clothes you love.


On top of the 15% commission on sales that use your discount code. You also have the potential to earn monthly and yearly bonuses. You’ll have unlimited earning potential with Shop My Boutique.

You can choose to have your commissions and bonuses direct deposited into your bank account or we can mail you a check.
You’ll sign up below at no cost to you. Then we’ll send you a welcome packet explaining the commissions, bonuses, and all the nitty gritty details along with paperwork we have to have from you so you can get PAID!


We want you to succeed and the staff at Shop My Boutique are willing and dedicated to help you do it. Once you’ve sent back your welcome packet we will approve your request into our Sales Reps Only Facebook Group where you’ll have access to sales tips, marketing materials, product photos, and other successful reps that want to help YOU! 


we’re even giving all sales reps 25% off on personal purchases so you can rock the clothes you sell and make it easier for you to have photos of yourself in the clothes if that’s the route you want to take.

Let’s make your dreams of owning your boutique or being a fashion influencer become a reality.